Finding the best from the 2020 Top Picks

I have compiled a watchlist from the Top Picks in the 2020 Stock Picking Competition, looking for a next breakout stock.

I am happy to share my work.

A link to the watchlist portfolio is at the bottom. I have not included LICs and ETFs because they will never “breakout” and so there is nothing to learn other than they were a useful reference point.

To put any comments I make into perspective, I am retired and follow the stock price movements on a weekly basis. Most of my stock buy/sell decisions are based on fundamentals with an eye on the trend (momentum). I use trailing stop losses set at 50% of the annual share price volatility for these stocks. I have some LICs and do not use stop losses on these.
I am happy to invest a small part of my portfolio in stocks with strong momentum that has a good story to tell. I do not use stop losses on shares in this category because of problems with liquidity.

Here is the link. 1 2020.jpg?dl=0

The image is huge. I find Irfanview (free) app to be the best for this purpose.

The charts are 6 monthly. I would prefer 3 monthly but that is a limitation of the app I use.
Stocks that have hit my radar are RHT, TLX, TRU, MVP, AVH, SES, MAG, KZA, SDV and INA.

INA also meets the criteria for some fundamantal investors.

Some back story information on any of the above stocks would be sincerely appreciated.


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