Website design and forum functionality feedback

I agree with you Joe, on the proof reading, I re read and re write my posts often after I have posted it and then re read it again and I still stuff it up.
However as you say, the general thrust and flow of the thread would be completely lost, if parts were removed or changed at a later date.
As Zaxon says, it would be great if certain threads could take prominence, as there is a wealth of information in some of them. But I assume this would be difficult to implement, also the threads I find informative and interesting and, may not be the same as the next person.
But on a general note, I find the forum is well set out and functional and generally operates well.
Since your server move the site does hang up a lot, but I assume that is out of your control.
Moderation is your domain and responsibility and the posters are generally civil, but I think a P.M to those who get a bit out of control wouldn’t go astray.
To me banter is fine, I actually enjoy it, but some are obviously only on the site to be disruptive and add nothing of value, be that in a banter, investment or general discussion sense. Thankfully you have the ignore function, which I have used one since joining the form, so it isn’t a huge issue IMO.
All in all Joe, you have a pretty good site, that I’m sure it will improve now people know your a bit more about your ethos and can pm you with suggestions and feedback.
Keep up the terrific work, it is greatly appreciated IMO.
One thought that just hit me, could you put a 5 minute delay on posts going live, so that when you have time to fix them before they show on the forum.:confused:

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