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Joe Blow said:

Kris, you have entirely missed the point.

All I was trying to do was to get you to start a thread with something a little more substantial than “Looks like it could run this arvo”.

Some days I can’t believe I actually pay to do this job.

Although I may appear biased I think Joe made the right call, Kris, you know you’ve been posting on stocks like RRS and LVL in a similar vein, if you keep saying it’s going to go up and some stage it might. You need a bit more than what you’ve posted. Imagine if everyone posted like you, this site would go down the gurgler. If you are finding it hard to keep upto the standard then see some of the other posts on this site that get good feedback and try to draw the essence of those.

Just because your posts coincided with a surge in the sp it doesn’t justify poor quality posts, neither does it justify abusing the person who keeps the site going when he’s already explained the basis of his criticism. Saying the stock went up is not an answer. And be assured that you will not be the last person taken on for repeatedly making substandard posts on particular stocks (eg Chicken).

Again, imagine how this site would change if we all posted minor variations in depth or other ‘impressions’ alone.

You are obviously still welcome here but if you find another site which is more conducive to your posts then you may prefer such a site. I would prefer to see you continue posting here while improving the quality of your posts, if you need to get something off your chest which is not significant perhaps use the journal function.

You may take my remarks as a personal affront but that is not my intention, I like to discuss the issues directly as I have tried to above.

Happy Trading!


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