For bottom pickers and knife catchers

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Re: Bottom pickers and knife catchers

One thing that might be missing here is time frame.

So, it’s going to be hard to manage unless we nominate things that are **** pick, or a knife catch, or maybe both …..

Not sure whether to separate the fundamental from the technical correction, or what??

Thread under construction and welcome for suggestions.

I think I can manage both constructs with assistance from members to remind me of gains and losses, to be added into the Pickers and Catchers Matrix..

One thing that I think this may achieve is to have a section for punters to lay their best picks on the line, either FA or TA, and we see where they go.

However, it’s for a bottom pick!!! Or, there abouts….

Also, the most important thing is some analysis.

Some justification for a bottom, or an oversold.

I’m going to record them all, and splash them up when I can, to try and make this wothwhile..

Everyone is under scrutiny so don’t just splash up any old sold off dog…



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