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In terms of process, the Board of Jupiter Energy expects to nominate a record date which
will be the date on which all shareholders of Jupiter Energy will be able to participate in
the in specie distribution. Jupiter Energy shareholders will be allocated at total of 80
million Jupiter Biofuels Limited shares at an implied value of $0.50 per share in
recognition of the pre money value of the biodiesel project, being $40 million. These
shares will be allocated in proportion to the number of Jupiter Energy shares individual
shareholders hold on the record date. The number of Jupiter Biofuels will be calculated
by dividing the number of shares on issue in Jupiter Energy as at the record date (which will depend on the number of Jupiter Energy options exercised prior to the record date)
by 80 million which is the number of shares in Jupiter Biofuels that will be issued in
recognition of the $40 million implied value of the project. The Board believes it is likely
that Jupiter Energy shareholders will receive 1 share in Jupiter Biofuels Limited for every
1.61 to 1.88 shares held in Jupiter Energy as at the record date.

you would have to be insane not to be on this one

even if the heads drop to 15 cents after the record date – you are still looking at least 80% + profit (that’s assuming the IPO remains at 50 cents on opening – if it is oversubscribed and bolts to 70-80 cents you could see a gain of at least 100-150% on your overall holding

good luck to all holders – enjoy the ride over the upcoming weeks

we should see a steady rise up until the record date :)


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